Dog Friendly Pubs

To find dog friendly pubs go to website and use the 'Dog Friendly' filter in the right hand menu. If the details for a pub are incomplete or incorrect you can use to report the correct information or contact the branch Pubs Officer:

Sam The Tatty Lurcher


I love going down the pub with me mom and dad, I love scratchings and the froth off Real Ale mmmmmmm.

It's great to watch all them people eating snacks and some of them come over and say hello to me, I look at them pretending that I am being starved and sometimes it works. I can't go over to them because I am kept on the lead because I know some people don't like me or are scared of me but I am very friendly.

We go to a lot of pubs and in some I am not allowed in rooms where the food smells are coming from or which are a bit too posh. Sometimes I meet other dogs and once I even saw a cat, the cheek of it, cats never drink beer.

I have to lie on the floor because I am not allowed on the seats but I don't mind because it can get very boring listening to me dad and his mates going on, so I go to sleep.

If I have to go out for a wee I am not allowed to go in children's play areas or the beer garden and have to be taken somewhere suitable, me mom and dad always clean up after me.

Sometimes me dad or one of his mates makes a smell and I always get the blame, it's really unfair but as they say "it's a dogs life" and I'm getting used to it.

I behave myself because I love going down the pub and I hope you do too.

The Tatty Lurcher